Legal Drinking Age

Legal drinking age refers to the earliest age a person can buy alcoholic beverages.This is another hotly debated issues at hand. Opposition argued that drinking age should be lowered. But if you will examine things closely, A lot of people are drinking at home, whether they are young and shouldn’t be allowed. This people often argued that their parents are there to supervise them, but to me it sounds silly. At an early age a person shouldn’t be drinking.

Legal drinking age varies from different countries. For instance in EuropeIndia legal drinking age is 25, while some Islamic nations prohibit alcohol consumption by Muslims, and others of any age. In United States The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, legislate and enforce in few states that purchasing and publicly possessing alcohol and consumption in public setting is not allowed. Specifically minors’ and young adults’ (ages 21 years ). people may consume alcoholic beverages from a young age (generally 16 or 17), in some states in

Therefore, countries have their own laws for certain age that will permit them to buy alcoholic beverages.We all know that drinking varies in their own home too, Minors and young adults can drink all they want. However, I believe that if parents give consent to this kids they will see that what they are doing is right. Soon without realizing it, they will conceal what they are doing. I do not see it is reasonable to allow them. Even if it is for party, fun or for whatever purposes inside the house. This fact is worrying me, I wonder where are those parents and elders values and moral that they can tolerate such behavior. What a shame.

It is not that far to remember the incident when the Canadian Women’s hockey team won.They celebrated and went too far, They forget their vows to uphold values of the Olympic. We can see that the underage or minors are drinking and smoking. It is so disgusting. No doubt, It is dismaying even if they say that the celebration confined in the dressing room, shouldn’t come out, still sounds a bit stupid isn’t it? whether you do it in the presence of the public or inside your own home, still you are underage and you are not doing what is right. It is not legally permitted.

I really wonder why people love to drink despite that it can make them wasted or give them hangovers. Although I know that some alcoholic beverage have some health benefits but still I prefer not to. If there are health benefits of course there is a downside in everything. Sometimes they do not know a thing or two. I always do check and balance everything.I wouldn’t take those things for granted.

So far, I admit I have very strict beliefs about everything. So if you are planning to contradict me. I’ m very sorry, this is how I see things, and that more or less completes it.