Corporal Punishment Abuse or Discipline?

Corporal punishment or Domestic corporal punishment is also referred as spanking, whipping, smacking or slapping. It is legal in some countries such as United states and African nation, it is also legal to use certain implements such as a belt or paddle. However, Countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Germany have outlawed corporal punishment as a means of parental discipline.

Corporal punishment is viewed that has an utmost importance in disciplining children. It is also believe that its immediate aim is to halt the offense, prevent its recurrence, and set an example for others. And yet, I’m convince that this is not the best way to discipline your children.

I know our personal views will be divided in this matter, So I will begin by exploring a question, Is it right to spank a child? How can you possibly correct a child without causing harm? Spanking might not left a mark in the body but it leaves mark in their soul. Most children will plant hatred in their hearts. Possibly, when they have their own family and kids they will repeat the same mistake by implementing the wrong way of disciplining like what you did.

Having words with your kids is better than hurting them, They will not understand what you want them to know because of the pain. They will not follow you because of respect, but they will follow you out of fear. Animal can understand even tigers can be tamed. What more your children? You might say I’m irrational but it is true. Your children can understand you better if you talk to them.

Furthermore getting used to spanking your children might lead to child abuse. You might lash out on the spur of the moment and cause harm to your children. Whether it was a belt, a switch, a hand, or a paddle, this form of punishment always left a lasting impression in their mind.

You might not understand what I’m thinking, but I have seen a child’s head blowed in the wall. it is worse, far worse than anything. Although it is illegal to a lot of countries but nobody sees it. So nobody knows it, You might say if only the walls could talk. But sadly they don’t. It terrified me and I feel in my heart that we can do something about this, I don’t intend to move you into tears but  I know we can stop this.

This is a chance I’m trying to take, I’m not obliging you to follow what I’m saying, but I’m hoping that you might consider, and if all fails then you can implement what you think will be the best measure for your child.