One-Night Stand Is Immoral

One-night stand before is referred to as a single night performance in a theatre. But now, when you here this term it means differently. In our present times, It means a single sexual encounter between two individuals.  It is said that they know each other for long time but have minimal time to get to know each other (Wikipedia). One night stand is different from prostitution, wherein there is a payment involved. Here, This is irregular or unplanned sexual encounter.

I know little of this topic comparing to all of you who had magnitude knowledge and experience of this subject, I don’t have any experience with regards to sex to vaguely brought up this topic. but I would like to speak my mind and hope that you wont mind me giving all of you my unsolicited advice and opinion.

First of all, Many situation like this arises everyday, but to those of you who are facing this startling truth I don’t wanna judge you. You are responsible for what you did. The risk in participating in one night stand include unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.

Next, I want to tell you to content yourselves and be respectable people. We are not animals to do such things. However you like it, you must hold on to your morals. We can still remain true to ourselves but we need to prevent ourselves from doing something immoral.

I know a better means for you to deal with it.You have to be firm during the moment of your weakness, Don’t allow yourself to be taken.You can prevent it at the first place. This is your task at hand. Avoiding bodily contacts i.e fervent embrace as much as possible can help you a lot. Another thing is don’t wait for your breath to come in short gasps or you will slip into the land of dreams. That is stupidity and stupidity causes much sin.

I have little more to add, If passion take control the courses of your action can not be justified with reason in the eyes of anyone. Simple fact, it isn’t love in the eye of God or the people. It is considered lust. The people who engaged into this were regarded as a past time intended to fill up time and wants or pleasure. We can never say that it is the art of making love, Although you have a casual relationship like ( Friends with benefits, F*ck buddies or no string attached)

People might be driven to do this because tumescence occurs in the human body. Which, in simple language, is the rhythmical contraction of the various muscles of the body together with the functioning of certain glands. This glands which controls the sexual behavior of human beings. It is  with these glands that react, that secrete what are known as hormones into the blood  and in turn carries them into the various organs effected by a sexual reaction. So it is distasteful that people wanted to do this for that reason, Enough with science.

I personally believe what is out of sight is out of your mind. So, better not meet someone you think can drag you along to sleep. especially if the person is able to sweep you over his feet. Meeting this people can get you caught up with that kind of situation. Let us remember that a feeble spark can fanned into flamed.

I do not certainly want to judge those who have done it like I said earlier. But you know realization came in to late, When all the things that matters is that moment. because you were so into the person whether physically or emotionally. and whether you don’t admit it, the feeling of being used up is there. The feeling of either being happy or sad is also present. Therefore do no be deceive. It is the only possible solution. At the end I would leave it for your own judgment. Make your own choices. But I do hope you won’t sank back in emotional upheavals.

I don’t wanna eat my words but I would prefer to be touched or kissed if I get married. I have strong belief that we should respect the temple of God, which is our body. I’m not forcing you to follow me but I’m just giving you an idea, that nothing is impossible.