Sexuality and Violence In Metal Music

Music is undeniably relaxing, It has been an outlet of expression to some while to others it helps relieve stress. Whether music is a part of your emotional release or purely listening pleasure. It clearly states that musical preference go hand-in-hand with our personality and behavior.

Metal Music has been around since the 60’s and it is gradually declining its popularity nowadays. The record label and the competition between talented bands are pretty high. But we all know that Metal Music has drawn a lot of attention in the news and medical profession alike. It garnered the most scrutiny because, of its potential effects to the listener and the danger of the message that it sends.

In a study out of Oxford University, Dr. P. Sleight and his investigators found that listening to fast tempo and loud music can increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Hearing Damage is another physical effects of listening to heavy metal music. 74% of rock musicians suffered hearing damage. Kahari, Zachau, Eklof, Sandsjo, and Moller (2003) reported that. Tinnitus and hyperacusis problems were suffered by both men and women.

Research on psychological effects of heavy metal music showed that heavy metal listeners  are engaged in psychological alienation tendencies and possess poor social relationship. There are also studies that states that people who listen to heavy metal music possess high-risk taking behavior, It is evident that girls become more reckless. Purloining, vandalism, sexual promiscuity, and drug use are manifested in their behavior.

Studies from Researchers Pirkis and Blood (2001) conducted a review of more than 30 studies of people who listened to heavy metal music and other genre. They discovered that there is an association between heavy metal preferences and suicide risk.

Another studies conducted by Wass, Miller, & Stevenson (1989) showed that preferences in music is affected by various social conditions or behavior. Students who listened to music that promotes violence, homicide, suicide or satanic practices comes from a parents who are unmarried or remarried and they are mostly male in urban public schools.

King (1988) Study adolescent psychiatric inpatient to determine whether there is a link between Heavy metal music and chemical dependency, Unsurprisingly, he found out that chemical dependency was link to heavy metal music. About 59.1% of patients admitted primarily for chemical dependency chose heavy metal music as their first choice. He also found a high prevalence of violence, stealing, and sexual activity among these patients.

On September 19, 1985, the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing on the “Contents of Music and the Lyrics of Records.” They discussed about music, and mostly talked about heavy metal.The basic themes of many of the successful heavy metal songs are extreme rebellion, violence, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, perversion, and Satanism (Stuessy, 1985).

Another study found that there is a strong correlation between a preference for rock music that has destructive themes and antisocial or destructive behavior (Wass, Miller, & Redditt, 1991). It has been suggested that this type of music promotes aggression, bigotry, deviant sexual activity, suicide, violence, drug use, and homicide (Ballard & Dodson, 1999).

A lot of bands have all been believe to be a proverbial scapegoat in numerous suicides. Many parents of victims have brought bands to court, claiming that backmashing technique /backward message (wherein message heard when music was played in reverse) send listeners to  commit suicide, murder, abuse drugs, violence and/or engage in sex. However most cases were dismissed.

The American Academy of Pediatrics  sees that heavy metal music is a threat to health and well-being of adolescents. These concerns include pregnancy, drug use, sexually transmitted diseases, accidents, and suicide. (Mendelson, 1989)

After seeing the negative aspect, there is also a positive research. Scientist claim that listening to this type of music can boost your brain.Researchers at a Scottish University believe that contrary to received wisdom, children who listen to loud rock or pop music while  having troubles reviewing for  exams are likely to succeed.

This is what concerns me, musicians are becoming much more lax with the message that they are trying to send the public. Whereas, they know that music adversely affects the behavior of an individual. The public, parent group and federal government should be aware of the contents of the music whether it is violent, sexually explicit or drug oriented, and they should focus on how to stop this artist that aims to erase morals and values of the youth. The Government should apply a mandatory system of labeling music that contains violence, sex, drugs, or offensive lyrics.

Simply put,We can not solely blame it to the musicians, all of us have a participation in our music preferences. Although there is an overwhelming studies that showed music plays a significant role in our life, but I believe the person is responsible for every action. We might not be affected even slightly by explicit lyrics of our music choices. It must not create autonomy and rebellion or change our sexual mores.  It is understandably that our parents question and give negative comments on our musical taste , because they love us. They want us not to be mislead by the lyrics of the song.

I would say I really enjoy listening to heavy metal music but the lyrics never affect me in a single way. I remain to be my parent’s pride. I can look at them straight in the eye. I never let my music preference take over me and remove my morals. I would say that I live a very decent life away from the loud music. I doubt that you can’t do it, it isn’t hard. Let us prove them that music preferences are not all about the biography of who we are but it is just for our listening pleasure.