Sixth Sense: A Tale Of The Unknown

In a placid woodsy solitude lay a winding roads that leads to a house that is marked by weather-stained rust, an indication of its age. By a strange chance you see the windows that are tightly closed that light seems never to penetrate. The gloomy front shown the rust on the locked of the wooden door, as the big trees overshadow the house.Tall grass swayed and bow from the rushing of the wind.You suddenly have a feeling that something fearful or strange might happened in that place, and it gives you chills.

For a few minutes, you hold your breathe and think that a certain tale of iniquity and sorrow might have existed in that place. Full of curiosity you begin to stepped in, but still hesitant and afraid to venture. but slowly you make your way. As you approached, the wind blew the door and it shut. Then a sweat suddenly runs down your forehead and your lips becomes dry.

As you travail the house,The piano begins to play a tune that echoes within the hallway.The girl with the a long dark hair that look  so elegant with her dress turn suddenly at you. You see her face full of sadness. At a single moment you know that she is lonely. Her big almond brown eyes show bitterness and pain as she took possession of your thoughts.

You can’t bear the pain as she continuously hit the keys, her music seems to pierce your heart. You have heard nothing of that kind for she is oidoing.  You didn’t figure out that darkness envelops the sky and the night is getting deeper and deeper. You continually stare at her face and listen to her. The feeling that your mind was set at ease was there. You feel the supplication of her anguish and you know you have to get back but you opt to stay and can’t bear to leave her.

What you didn’t know that there are people anxiously looking for you. They’ve found you the next day on a broad daylight, lying in the chair, You look as if you have been surprised that they were there. You see them tremble right when you said that there is a girl who lives there, You tried to explained but they wouldn’t believe it, for they know the house was abandoned years and years ago. They sigh with relief  and hug you tenderly that they finally found you, but still wouldn’t believe what you saw could be true.

You suddenly see a portrait that hangs on the wall, The face of the girl who you have seen, The face send you a message that she is really dead long ago. Plainly you just don’t want to go, when you remember what you have talked about that night, the girl’s pain was brought about by her family.You surely know that she is dead and you must go back to the real world.

At such point in time, You talked about that experience to different people. You invariably get reactions about what you saw. Some mocked and ridicule you. You know that you really communicated with the spirit but you know it is really hard to believe, so you buried your face in shame.

This is just one way of putting an experience of people with ESP or sixth sense, They might see some things that we weren’t able to see, They have encounter the unknown. The term ESP or Extrasensory Perception was coined by  German psychical researcher, Rudolf  Tischer and adopted by  Duke University psychologist J. B. Rhine to denote psychic abilities telepathy and such asclairvoyance and their trans-temporal operation as precognition or retrocognition. The parapsychology is the study of paranormal psychic Phenomena including ESP (Wikipedia). The Ganzfield experiment provides a compelling evidence that ESP exist. clairvoyance, premonition, intuition are synonymous with sixth sense.They say that people with ESP seen ghost or see the future, But this is still questionable. In scientific community they still do not accept this due to disputed evidences.

For me,  I don’t wanna judge them, There might be people who are really blessed with ESP. The thing here is what if they can prove its efficacy. We also need to know that people with ESP are having torturous feeling to  convert the scene into a  lucid believable circumstances for us to grasp what they are saying.

We will never know that there are  strange things in their mind. Unless we bear witness what goes inside their head, most of them startle us at the present day. Commonly, at the first instance we perceive them as crazy individuals. But don’t we have a need for one little pause before we judge them?