Women and Priesthood

Roman Catholic Church is in its rocks due to the controversial issues of priest who have been sexually active. Abused in the church have always been there since. As a matter of fact not all priest are doing that, The molesters are just a small percentage of  the total number of priest. although, we can not stop people from thinking, and they will not set aside anyone that perhaps 90% of our priest are doing their best to serve God. Please inquire truth first before judging and totally ruling out all the priest.

With that incident, the church is currently facing. The old thinking critics raises faulty arguments such as eliminating the celibacy in priesthood and ordaining women to become priest. They think that this will be a better option to stop priest from molesting. I totally do not agree with this.

But let us define what is  ordination, Ordination is an act of ordaining or the state of being ordained. Can woman be ordained to the priesthood? The clear answer to that is “NO.” Priestly ordination is rightfully reserved for men.the church have compelling reason, why they urge that a woman should not be ordained.Their basis are from the Church’s teaching on ordination and it can be found in the New Testament and the requirements of this is that only a baptized man can receive a sacred ordination and it is in the divine law. We have what we called nun, if a woman wants to serve God. This is not about discrimination or sexism. This is about following the doctrine.

Allowing women might be a bad idea. It sounds like it would almost distract  priest from serving God, The unseen consequence is what we need to prevent. Priest might not be able to fulfill their vow with the presence of a woman as their co-priest.

I know there will be someone who will step out and challenge my opinion but I will give you a terrible headache, because I will always support my stance.

I’m not supporting the idea of ordaining women to become a priest. Knowingly it gains a lot of support from other religion and they are seriously ordaining women as priest.

The acceptance of women as a priest in Catholic church will never come to light.