Is Censorship Suppression of Freedom of Speech?

Censorship comes from the Latin word “censere meaning to give one’s opinion, to assess.  Censorship is described by Wikipedia as a suppression of speech or deletion of communicative material which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the government or media organizations as determined by a censor.The censor is an official or government entity responsible for examining materials such as publications or film, They help in  restricting anything that goes against moral, political, religious or military or other grounds that are considered objectionable.

There are types of information being censored i.e Moral censorship which is the removal of obscene materials or otherwise considered morally questionable, the best example of this is pornography. Military censorship, military intelligence and tactics is the process of keeping confidential and away from the enemy. Political censorship hold back information for their citizen that might incite Rebellion. Religious censorship is removing of any content that is believed to be inappropriate for another faith. while,  Corporate censorship is the process wherein editors in a corporate media interfere in publishing of any information that will show their business or their business partners in a negative light.

Censorship has shown up in various forms ranging from printed works to television and the Internet. This set the stage, and plagues different opinion from the citizens regarding this matter. In my own standpoint I don’t see that censorship limit or suppress freedom of speech. It is clear, that this government body is just protecting family and the society.They are just preserving morals and decency. It is reasonable enough that there is a concern body for the welfare of its people.

One way or another, we should not feel that our right is being violated by this institution. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press, will not be violated if this two basic rights were properly exercised. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with the existence of censorship, It is alright that they filter what we are supposed to see, If we will not allow censorship it will endanger safety and social values.

I will try to justify what they are doing, children are the most vulnerable to this, they could possibly watch acts of violence or sex in television, internet or see it in a magazines or perhaps hear it in music. If the censor will not do their job this kids will be influence with what they see or hear, and will make this kid a criminal or a sex offender when he/she grows up.

How can one person say that censoring music is not fair, All types of music should be censored and it must be labeled with a “Parental Advisory Stickers” if the labels and the artist made used of very dirty word or explicit lyrics and cover, It is  alright that they should be censored. Music with a lyrics that blatantly initiates usage of prohibited drugs( pro-drugs), profane language and obscenity should not be publicized without being screen by the censor . I don’t see that it violates anyone’s right. The children musical selection should be monitored by parents, they need to watch them closely.

Internet or the world-wide wide is another best thing to obtain information from around the globe, and it can be easily access by your children. Pornography is just around the internet, I should say that parent should install parental control software for their kids.

Pornography has no positive effect in our society, therefore those who are saying that kids should have seen it earlier and teach them are wrong. Pornography deliberately causes harm to the  children.  A lot of studies shown that crimes and pornography are related with each other. 80% of the criminal highest sexual interest is pornography. Criminals find Pornography as interesting.

The child molester have a high probability of molesting children due to erotica or pornography. Besides pornography showed exploitation in women. if  censorship were not established and everything just went to the masses, imagine how horrific it is, because we can never tell that all people have sense of what is right and wrong. If they will not control everything then chances for people to commit acts like this is close at hand.