Public School Praying is not Allowed

Praying in public school created a tremendous amount of controversy. It has stirred a legal issue since then. It separates the state of what they think is permissible and what is not permissible.The court has ruled out against praying in school. Contrary to this, they allowed praying but in specific areas only. This areas includes  school busses, flagpole,  student religious clubs, hallways, cafeteria, But it is not permitted to pray in the classroom itself, when a class is in session. Because it violates principles that a church and state are  separated, and that public school is intended for education and not religious observance.

This law also implies to  school officials that they can not lead prayers in school and at the same time school officials can not restrict students’ religious liberties. The free exercise of faith is the fundamental right of every American. The school officials should be neutral to all their  students.

I catched a glimpse of a video that a friend showed me earlier, I honestly couldn’t see  the point of the girl in the video who is Nicole Smalkowski, I think that she isn’t remove from her school because she is an Atheist, it is clear to me that America is a free nation,  whether you are religious or non-religious you will be treated accordingly. Even Religious people have experience the same thing as what she is claiming, name calling, etc.

Even his team coach said that Nicole doesn’t attend practices on time. In America, people value time. They see time as gold. If you have a meeting at 7 be there 15 minutes earlier. Nicole’s case is not heartbreaking. If she values her sport and she thinks that it can get her to scholarship. then,  she must know how to prioritize her time.

It is obvious that even Richard Dawkins said that America accepted him with  arms wide open during his launching of his book. If you will just analyze and use your common sense, If you see Nicole wasn’t joined by her teammates in prayer because she is an atheist, Then that notion is wrong, Nicole wasn’t joined in prayers by her teammates because they do not want to violate her right and force her to pray, so she remained in the corner.

Try to think about this, It isn’t good to see that a majority of student will not pray just because Nicole is an Atheist. If  Nicole have a right not to participate, those students who are pious and wants to pray have a right as well. In my own view Nicole just want to make a name, she is getting into music industry, and this is her way to be known. Using a wrong means to get a popularity. I would say it is a crap. A lot of people have done that, but in this case she will never succeed. She can only fool people who never been or never lived in USA.

Recently, The student in Greenwood High School in Indiana, Eric Workman, The school valedictorian wants to squash out the year-long tradition of saying a graduation prayer. He filed a lawsuit for the school district and school principal. This case transpired in other districts of US, like in Florida some years ago, and last month at Alabama’s Alexandria High School school, when a student questioned the legality of praying. If you will just analyze it, the students have freedom to speak their mind and fight for what they think is right. The case in Greenwood High School is very disappointing, I couldn’t imagine that the majority of students will suffer or will not have their rights to exercise that right because of  Workman who is not in favor of saying a prayer in their graduation. This is way too far and ridiculous. So how can a person says, “My  rights is violated?” I was treated differently because I have different views, that is totally insane. If you are treated not justly and fairly American Law protects their citizens.

My view regarding this matter is that, mandatory praying and bible study violates a person First Amendment Rights. Although I think prayer wouldn’t hurt an individual who is practicing different a faith, If the other students are practicing “a moment of silence” or a “minute of silence“.

I believe that students have a right whether religious or non religious to have an equal access  and right to use any facilities in school for praying. Nobody has a right to prohibit them as long as they are not forcing anyone to follow them. I firmly believe that we can never say that a person was violated unless she is forced to join in  a prayer with the crowds. I also believe that they should allow recitation of prayer anywhere a student wants to pray as long as they never ask forcibly another individual to copy what they are doing.

I support praying in silence, or  recitation of a specially written prayer in a non disruptive manner. I also seek that school officials should never favor one religion over another, or favor religion over no religion or vice versa.