Swimmers Speak Out About Their Dirty Coaches

The world is full of sexual predators. They could even exist from the face of the people we respect and admired most in our society. The sexual misconduct of coaching ranks were rampant. This is not that shocking to us, because this has been a decade problem in the swimming associationAthletes are just part of the enormous numbers of children being molested, abused and fondled every year.

36 swimming coaches have been banned for life due of their sexual misconduct. Their victims were all underaged. Some of their victims are being provided with alcohols, taped naked while on showers and grope and tape while having inappropriate sexual contacts with their own coaches.

This has been the subject of interest of many critics. They viewed that USA Swimming, a national organization, which also governs the U.S. Olympic swim team does not do background screening of these coaches. They also believe that the organization know that coaches are having sex with their athletes but they are not doing anything regarding this matter.

Actually a lot of finger-pointing can take place to find where the problem really rooted. but we all know that the USA swimming is partly responsible of this incident, although they can not take the blame solely. But they must act and do something to save this pitiful swimmers.

Recently the USA swimming published an open letters for members. The open letter came from the President of USA swimming Jim Wood and Executive Director Chuck Wielgus. The open letter is a detailed seven point plan that raises the concern of the lawsuits and the athletes. It also comprises a comprehensive guidelines on what is an acceptable coaching behavior, it also enrich the system for reporting sexual abuse to the governing body and Law enforcers. This plan also calls for a review on conduct code. We hope that this could be the answer to the lengthy history of  swimmers being molested.

Finally, parents should also do their share, they should educate their children on how to avoid incidence like this. They need to help eradicate sexual abuse. Perhaps parents should devote their time and watch their children closely.

We must all remember that throughout our lives, people whom we have met directly affects our performance and most especially our lives. Therefore  you must always safeguard your children. I hope that the USA swimming should implement stricter protocol in finding coaches for the betterment of the athletes.