High-Speed Pursuit: Is Justice Served?

A car chase is the vehicular pursuit of a criminal by the  Law enforcement officers. The crime committed could be murder or an offense such as traffic violations. Car chases are often captured on film and broadcast. The police cars and media helicopters participating can record the video footage.

Police officers undergone training for pursuit driving. They were taught how to operate modern equipment that they will used for chasing criminals, and they were also trained to used different techniques that would give them edge over the fleeing criminals. Some training takes place in a race tracks, special courses and parking lot. Their training  in a race tracks requires them to navigate the track in a certain amount of time. This is to test if they can drive fast and safely. while their training in a special designed courses simulate various road and highway conditions. Law enforcers are giving their pure concentration while training, and when they are out on the field pursuing suspects.

High-speed driving is known to be life threatening due to the danger it can cause. All the people involve here know that this type of events are very dangerous. Car chases occur when the criminal attempts to escape from the law enforcers who are attempting to arrest them. The criminals will use other vehicles to run away from them. If the suspect didn’t comply with the authorities then a high-speed pursuit will take place. Sometimes the police who are pursuing the criminals had to called off the chase but oftentimes it is too late because it crashed already leaving many people injured and properties damaged.

This high risk pursuits continues to be the subject of heated debate and controversy. Civil libertarians and critics around the world are asking for  suspension of an ongoing pursuit of police car chases because it can affect people or vehicle which are not involved in the ongoing police chases. On the other hand, some people believe that this power should not be taken away from the law enforcers.

A troubling statistics that there were thousands of people who were killed every year. thus, making this a critical problem which makes the law enforcement officers and public officials alike balance the need whether to pursue or not to pursue and apprehend suspects and offenders because it  puts the lives of the innocent people at stake.

I personally believe that If the law enforcers are catching a murderer or people who had done heinous crimes it is understandable that this officers are putting their own life at risk, but if they are just pursuing a traffic violators I think it is way to far and unwise to do that. Actually this issue can be resolved. Firstly, police departments officials should design and implement standardize protocols that will not put the participants or bystanders life in danger. Next, they need to find better means in catching criminals using technology.

The best methods that they can use so that they can continue to track the suspects are GPS tracking, vehicle tagging and  satellite surveillance. Another idea would be setting up road blocks. This method will make the suspect slow down giving them no option but to forcibly surrender with the authorities.

A lot of people might have distaste for what they are doing, They see that the pursuits are unjustified. but to deeply understand the issues surrounding them we need to look at it in their perspective. We need to know that this law enforcers are also subjecting themselves in the danger of pursuing a fleeing suspect. They are just doing their job in exchange for their life, so that justice can be served.