Stop Luring a Child

Stranger Danger is a perceive danger presented by a stranger.This unknown adult will do their best to lure your children especially if your kids are unsupervised, this will lead them into the stranger’s trap. There are a lot of children who fall to the hands of this strangers, and they were abducted to be used in kidnap for ransom, or to be molested.

The dangers include harassment, drugs, abduction, sexual abuse such as, child prostitution or pornography, sex tourism involving children or sex trafficking, molestation,  and exploitation. This can happen if you don’t safeguard your children.

We often warn our kids about the danger in talking to strangers.The question is, how will your kid identify who are the stranger? First you must prove your point to your kid that a stranger is a person he or she doesn’t know or never met yet. Mostly this strangers will act friendly to gain the trust of your kids so that they can easily trick them.
This cases are prevalent but we also don’t have to build a scary image for a stranger because there are two types of strangers i.e the good and the bad one. The bad one is capable of doing harm while the good stranger isn’t. We can’t eliminate the possibilities that there are  good stranger
There are several instances that a kid was abducted by a person that the kid knows or acquainted with you.The kid trust the stranger right away because your kid see them in your area or in your own home. So the best way to deal with this issue is to educate your child by scenarios. See what will your kid do if any of this cases occur that can become a key source of help when your kid is in danger or in trouble.

Possible Scenarios

1. A stranger approaches him offering him food or candies.
2. A stranger told him that your parents is asking him/her to pick him/her up
3. What will your child do if he got lost?
4. What if a stranger abduct him?
5. What if your child knows the person and ask him to go with them?

Think it over, and decide what is the best way you can both handle this kind of situation. That way you are training your child to think better rather than be caught flat-footed in this kind of situations.

If your child is missing seek help with this following institution or