Friends with Benefits Could Ruin Friendship

Best friend with benefits, friends with benefits or casual relationship consists of two friends or at least acquaintances, that both agrees to have physical or sexual relationship with no restrictions or to play around but they never thought of dating officially because they see it as not a wise idea.

Best friend with benefits share almost everything. They can blatantly flirt with each other, openly talk about sex, Their previous partners. meaning, they practically become close to each other and they are not wary to talk about anything.

They might hookup or end up sleeping together. It is weird that they enjoy this kind of set-up. and they will never worry what happened last night. Instead they would welcome another casual night together. As time goes by, the girl might develop feeling with the guy. If the other person realize it too, then possibly they can have a relationship. But in most cases it never happened. The loser here is the girl because commonly women invest emotion with guys, unlike men they just satisfy their needs and there will come a time that they will ditch you when they find their  “perfect girl”

Other best friend with benefits are not plan, It just happened because of the emotion they are harboring inside. It could possibly grow and they could become committed because they just find themselves in that kind of situation.

It is risky and complicating being with this FWB set up  so if you are planning to get into this kind of relationship better throw away that thought. Anything that has “lust” as it foundation would never last. The foundation of real relationship should be based with “love” and “respect” besides, maintaining this kind of relationship could ruin your friendship.

To be blunt, This kind of  relationship that wants to reap physical benefits like cuddling, kissing, sex without commitment is so filthy. They just want anything to do with sexual intercourse. It gives me the impression that those women who agrees with this set-up are wreck and useless. Undoubtedly, they are used up and treated like an unpaid whore. While, those guys who ask for this kind of set up have an unpolished manner. This guys are interested only to meet their physical needs. They will just play with the girls with no commitment or string attached. This people doesn’t understand what love is. I considered those women ” silly” if they are overwhelmed with uncertainty of their position in their men life.You will regret it at the end.

We all have contrasting view regarding this matter but I stick with my own opinion. A true person with brain will not allow such situation.  They will not bow and accept this dirty proposal of a guy. Instead, look at the situation realistically that the other persons need is just purely physical with no emotional strings or complications. They simply avoid relationship that would tie them down.

It will never be easy as it sound, but try to sit down calmly and think deeply about it, problem could stem from that kind of set up. It will just give you false hope, if you get yourself involved. You will be never be in a relationship with that guy. Try to face your problem and think until you arrive with a better solution. For me, There are no excuse to those who make mistakes. If you have a true sense of values and firm faith in your right conduct you will never go wrong. Let us build a society with a moral foundation.

Don’t throw away your morals, giving into this kind of things seems to be so stupid, There will be a right guy for you. If you haven’t gotten into this mess yet, don’t dare go. It will destroy your future, don’t you wanna share your first time with the perfect guy? The first time is said to be romantic, memorable and special. I’m not asking you to follow yours truly who happen to have an antiquated views, but I believe that “true Love waits”. So, why settle being used when all we need to do is wait for the right man before doing such an act. I believe in romantic fairytale that it could probably happen to me and you.