Get A Room, Can’t You Afford?

Public Display of Affection(PDA) is a physical demonstration of affection towards another person while they are in public. Holding hands and kissing are  forms of affection that is permissible in the society. Forms of affection like grinding, french kissing, petting , necking should only be expressed in a proper place  such as bars, clubs, nightclubs, hotel rooms or your own private property such as your home. Wherein it is non objectionable.

PDA depends upon the country or state.  Some country, state or federal sexual statute considered it as a criminal offense against public decency.i.e indecent exposure, mild form of exhibitionism and voyeurism.

In Europe, Australia, Canada and USA it is normal to see people kissing or holding hands. USA school administrators prohibits students from PDA to concentrate with their studies. In latin America it is also accepted except in Panama.

Quick kiss, holding hands, hugging while hands are kept in one place and not below belt line is just fine. Actually it is so romantic to see a sincere affection like that. But the forms of  affection that actually upset people is the affection that are in the stage of lovemaking.

In my opinion people  have no right to do this in public. Submitting to your partner and succumbing to your innermost desires shouldn’t be done in public. I arrive with this conclusion because, I see that this things are bothersome. I don’t despise those people who are different. yet, I’m just stating that probably we can make them change or do it in a proper place. Seriously those acts begins to get into my nerves. Most often people are surprised with what they are doing, They don’t have a clue that those sizzling encounters will expose some private parts, breast or genital fondling and sexual intercourse. I don’t understand why people are having multiple opinions regarding this matter. Despite the fact that it looks gross.

The idea becomes clear to me that people who are doing this in public have so much courage. They should try to put themselves in a right place. Even if you are so in love and couldn’t get enough of each other. You need to know where your limitation should start and figure out where to undo those clothes.

I don’t actually blame everyone who do this. Because most of the time, they are taught differently. Thus, they are making it unconsciously. Possibly in their mind they are doing it right. When you have a friend that done it publicly don’t try and fake those smiles, and said it is alright. Instead, this is actually a chance for you to make them realize that what they have done is wrong. For others it may sound as not a good idea, but this people are subject to be discipline. This implies not only for teens but for older persons as well.

I know I might sound a bit harsh. Surely, you will say I’m judging but again this is my opinion. Seeing this acts makes you look more of an animal in the wild, don’t demonstrate this things in public and don’t turn the public places as bedrooms. Well my intention will sound a bit hard to accept by those people who are constantly doing this in public. but, I just want other people to know what are foul things and what are not. I know the best ideas doesn’t always win out. but please… Get a room! Can’t you afford?