GUN BAN LAW: In a twitch of an index finger

Gun laws in the United States varies from one state to another. The firearms license-holders are subject to the state wherein their license was issued. Certain states allow out-of-state permits while others do not.

In spite of several rules and laws that are instituted, guns can be easily obtain . The gun violence homicide ( justifiable and criminal), self-inflicted gunshot wounds  crime ( i.e suicide, attempted suicide and suicide/homicide) associate with guns increases every year. The tougher Gun Control raises heated debates, some are favorable and some are not. It fueled the gun advocates to believe that it is violating their Second Amendment Rights.

We all need to cooperate to cut down the commercial and illegal purchase of handguns and other assault weapon. Knowingly,  availability of guns soared high and anyone have a right to bear or own this deadly weapon from a law-abiding citizen, mentally ill, fugitive from justice or felon, terrorist and ultra radicals. The greatest deep concern here is, what if guns went out of the hands of a person who is deemed to be a threat in the society? Thus, making this extremely dangerous. if that certain individual used it improperly.

My personal thought regarding this matter lies in the middle. It could swing in both ways. I firmly believe that a law-abiding citizen will feel that their rights have been violated, whereas the major problem lies if this deadly weapon went into the wrong hands. We can not give full control over the citizens to own guns or either to take away their rights to bear or keep gun for personal protection or use. Hence, not all citizens are fit to own one. Ideally the best things is that, gun advocates/enthusiast should understand that there is a need for revision in The Gun Ban Law. Legislative action with respect to regulation of possession, purchase, and transportation of firearms need to become stricter in sense. It should also emphasize that it prohibits the person to carry weapon in places such as school or buildings.

Simply put, Lets us think about this. What if the gun went in a wrong hand? would you allow this to happen to your love ones?…. “In one twitch of an index finger their lives could be over