Parental Esrangement a Silent Epidemic

Family is where we learn our values,  love, discipline, responsibilities, human dignity. It also motivate us to preserve and passed this to the next generation to come. But certain things can not be avoided, The family that we supposedly seen that way is sometimes at their worst possible position. and

If  the children are not in good terms with their parents. We should know why they are alienating their own parents. Let us know if their grounds for doing this is credible. Mostly their parents are alcoholic and the children thought that he or she will jeopardize their family eventually or they have their own personal experience with their parents such as emotional, physical or sexual abuse, this things will make them resist contact with their parents. Then if this is the case, it becomes reasonable to cut the connection or the ties that bind them. their own parents.

We have common connotations that parents have done terribly wrong if their children are alienating them but unfortunately that is not the usual reason why there is estrangement. The fact is, it doesn’t always happened that way, Sometimes their rift comes from build-up of resentment about parents divorce, conflict over money, harsh or rigid parenting style.

Some parents are really good but their children thought their parents were so screwed up because they have different perspective. This parents would wonder “what went wrong“, or “what have they done wrong“. They would actually experience depression and thought of suicide because they’ve lost contact with their children. They even underwent grief counseling because of this terrible experience.

If the major cause is the divorce of the parents. The child is being brainwashed by the other parent, so that the absent parent can not get in touch either by email or phone calls. The tendency to build a bond will be difficult, thus it results to estrangement as well.

Being separated with your children is really devastating and painful. Don’t blame yourself. More importantly, Think of a possible way to solve the family issues. Try mending the relationship, talk to your children, listen and make amends. Break the walls that sets you apart with each other.

Although, there is no guarantee that the issues will be resolve and it will be successful, but at least you attempt to bridge the gap to your children and I see no reason that your children will understand you or forgive you.