Going Towards The Light..

Ideas of Near death experience may greatly varied in scientific realm  and religious standpoint. Scientist believe it is hallucinatory while  paranormal specialist have evidence of the afterlife.

A mountain of circumstantial evidence were always documented. But it merely remain in the background. People will never believe until they experience it. Although there is astounding advancement in science but it is still hard to uncover the mystery being brought about by death and The afterlife. The truth is, the questions of life after death is still a claim that is the mystery for science. They need to constitute more proof and evidence about NDE.

A near-death experience (NDE), refers to a broad range of personal experiences associated with impending death, encompassing detachment from the body; feelings of levitation; extreme fear; total serenity, security, or warmth; the experience of absolute dissolution; and the presence of a light, which some people interpret as a diety. Some see NDEs as a paranormal and spiritual glimpse into the afterlife. (Wikipedia)

common experiences includes seeing a tunnel of experience. wherein, there is a sense of moving up, a visions of their dearly departed and religious figures are also present, and out of the body experience is common.There is a few reports about children experiences. The main reason is that children have short length lives. But the most common experience is seeing a blond hair woman in a flowing gown.

Different fields of science conjured up many possible reasons why NDE occurs. They state that it can be caused by brain simulation, drugs i.e  morphine, ketamine, LSD, thorazine, codeine, opium, and the psychedelic drug Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which is studied by  Dr. Rick Strassman. But Dr Raymond Moody, and Dr. Melvin Norse proven that brain simulation is false. They state that it is impossible that brain simulation can produce things that take place during NDE such as “real” light. If the doctors can not revive the patient and it is clinically and brain-dead, and the patient exhibited absolutely no signs of life . The doctor will declare the patient is dead. But when the patient returns to life and can recount all his experiences from seeing the people around him to the people who are sitting in the waiting room cannot be account to chemical reaction.

My view regarding the afterlife change due to my own experience. I was misdiagnosed by a great doctor and was given a wrong medication for my disease. I have felt that it was really the end of my short-live life, as everything flashed right before my eyes. I almost struggled to survive. As I lay in my room, I saw a bright light coming from a door that leads somewhere, I saw a man with a long blond hair. He extended his arms widely, and I felt like he is welcoming me. When I’m about to get near him, He uttered “you must go back” Then suddenly I heard voices echoing and saying “what is happening, did we lose her?”.

In conclusion, We can look at Near death experience individually and decide for ourselves whether to believe or not. I’m actually intrigue with death, while I know others might be uncomfortable with this subject. But I’d rather talk about dying so my love ones would know what to do when I’m gone. I actually tell them what to do when I die. I don’t want to see them crying. If they do, I’ll come back and show myself to them. I know most likely people are afraid to see their dead love ones. But seriously, I told them if I die I don’t want to see them crying, because I can not leave and go where I’m supposed to be.

In any circumstances, We all have to leave this world. We just do not know who will go first. Still there is a possibility that we may lose someone we love or they might lose us, I know it is hard to live without them but we have to accept the fact that they are no longer around and same thing goes with them. What is good in life after death is that, it gives us confident hope and comfort that someday we’ll meet and be reunited again with our love ones.