SIV or Self-Inflicted Violence:Bathed with Bloody Hands

Self-Inflicted Violence (SIV) also known as Self-Injury (SI) Self-HarmSH) or Self-Abuse (SA) is a willful act to cause harm to one’s body i.e  hairpulling, burning, hitting oneself, scratching, and the most common is self-mutilation or cutting which is done mostly by youth in secrecy.
( Cutting or Self-Mutilation starts during puberty when the adolescence faces transitions. Youth find it hard to adjust from physical, mental development and social pressures. thus, making them withdraw from people, and lead them to resort to self-mutilation. In some cases, youth sadly ends up committing  suicide.
In addition SIV are their way to find relief from pain, anger, anxiety, depression, loneliness or sense of their failure therefore making this as their outlet to show the pain that they are feeling by making it tangible. Some of us might have an experience having a love ones dealing with this situation. Although it is pretty hard for us to see them bathed with bloody hands or feet, all we need to do is accept the fact that this is the way that they can expressed the severity of pain that they are feeling inside.

We must not criticize nor give harsh judgment.Being hard on them won’t do any good instead we need to  able to listen to the messages that they want to impart, by those wounds and scars.

There are several complicated rationales why youth do this. Some theories states that youth suffered in the hands of abusers therefore the youth feel that he or she is powerless but through SIV and that they have to be punish, so they are punishing themselves. Moreover, some are caused by behaviors like youth will feel that he or she is in control. Another theories states that youth believe that they are attention seeking or low self-esteem.

Coping For Teens

1. Be kind to yourself. Understand your emotions and what triggers you to do this. Then find a better way to deal it.
2. Open up to someone you trust like a close friend, teacher, guidance counselor, or mental health professional.
3. Make a new outlet on how you can cope with your problems you can listen to music, make yourself busy, draw, or talk to friends.
4. The key point here is that you need to think that you are not alone.You have family, friends or trusted people who can rely on.
5. When you can’t stop yourself from inflicting harm then I suggest that you seek  professional help. It doesn’t mean that you are crazy or something, all you need is to learn to use healthier coping mechanism and the mental health professionals can help you.

For Friends and Family

1. Always be on guard most people who inflict self-harm do it in private so always be there to watch all their actions.
2. Get rid of all the things that you think the SIV might use to inflict self-harm.
3. Give understanding and attention since most of the time people who do this needs that. Tell them to confide and that it is okay to talk about it.
4. The best approach is to offer help and be available whenever they need someone to talk to.
5. Encourage them to seek professional help.