Naturalism, Nudism Throws Moral in The Drainage

Naturism or nudism are known with other terms like social nudity, public nudity, and recently clothes free, but the widely accepted term are “naturism”  and “nudism“.  Nudism is a cultural and political movement advocating and defending social nudity. It may also refer to a lifestyle, which is a practice of going nude in public or in private setting, generally in mixed gender or groups i.e for purposes of good health like mental well-being, promoting stress relief, giving positive body image, increasing self-esteem,  relaxing or just for personal comfort.

Naturalist are stressing that nudism is purposely a nonsexual and non-erotic. Their philosophy can be traced back in Germany during the early 20th century. From Germany the idea spread to England, Canada and United States. There are different types of nudism i.e personal or family nudism and social nudism. Personal nudism practice nudism in their own home or garden, either with members of the family or alone. It may include sleeping nude. While Social Nudism practice nudism with friends or acquaintances at the nudist facility such as naturalist club, center, resort  or event.

Some people consider nudism as an art. We have seen many celebrities were able to pull it off making nudity in media and on the internet common nowadays. People thoughts also evolved, making them adapt to this kind of transformation, thus morality is trampled  leading to eventually collapse morals.

A staggering proportion of people are also rallying on the street invoking their ideas and doing it star-naked. If we really think, Does it really have to be that way? Even the biggest organization which aims to help animals are also doing it in extremes, I’m strongly against animal abuse. However, seeing undressed people doesn’t echo their ideas. It is uncertain that they can realized their goals. They just simply want to add fuel to the fire and catch attention.

In my honest opinion it is irrational to which it points. Being nakie and rallying for  purpose of animal abuse just merely show advocating pornography. I know there are a lot of people like me who couldn’t understand the connection of being naked on the street. It is offending in some public views, especially if there are children around. A  stricter law and policies for the interest of protecting children should be implemented.

There is no guarantee that a person who is standing in front of  us with his dangling private parts doesn’t have a criminal record. What if the person is disguising? You can’t just rely on instinct. Not because you see him or her holding a banner makes it justifiable to go nakie on public places. We need to walk home unworriedly thinking that we or our love ones are in danger.

Naturist will really encounter various criticism. It is just rightful that the standard of decency is maintained by the authorities. If people do not abide by the laws they should face legal prosecution. If you really intend to go nakie, it should take place on a private grounds. like in your private properties or officially sanctioned public areas. Where kids won’t be able to  see you and you  won’t offend other people who hold different views.

Naturism contains aspects of eroticism whether they deny that fact. We can not stop people from flashing, streaking, and mooning or do indecent exposure like dogging, exhibitionism and voyeurism. People would think their mind would be off their obsession, But we can not restrict people of what they are thinking and we don’t hold what is in their mind, although many modern naturalists and naturist organizations argue that it isn’t erotic, but still I think it is a blatant lie, a complete deceit which aims to trick people. Their views possess flaws. Nudism is really sexualized in nature.

All this things are becoming prevalent, so I decided to speak up with my hardened view, because this very thought makes me wonder. How can a person doesn’t recognized a clear distinction between moral and immoral. Does the standard of decency is really going down the drainage? I’m concern for the common welfare of our new generation to come. Therefore, I would never consider myself in the middle of the road here, it is definitely morally and religiously wrong. Regardless of a person’s  reason. The fact is sufficient that it will really have implications in the morality of the society.