Choking Game Needs To Be Stop!

Active play develop complex skills that your child will need in later life.Therefore encouraging your kids to play actively is important but what if the game is different from what we expect. There is a game that is hidden from our knowledge that is recently resurfacing. This game is called fainting game or also known as Choking game with a wide variety of slang such as Blackout, jeu du foulard, Würgespiel, Rocket Ride.This game refers to intentionally cutting off oxygen to the brain with the goal of inducing euphoria. It is practice by children ages 7-21 whether alone or with peers. It is clear that kids play this because they are thrill-seekers or pressured by their peers or a dare. The mechanics of the game is easy all they have to do is to hold their breath, strangulated one another or dangle in the noose. Playing this game led to tragic deaths of children.Two years ago 82 deaths were attributed from this game and now recently 250-1,500 kids die doing this game.
This game does not reach the majority yet and other still consider this as a mere rumors. We need to unwrap this fact and find a solution to defeat this because your children’s life is at risk here.
Mostly parents have misconception that when they brought up this matter it will make their children more curious and encourage them to participate but that is a wrong idea. Open communication is the best way to make your child realize of the danger in participating in this kind of game. Internet is close at hand and children could watch it anywhere. We better educate them properly before it is too late.


1. Any suspicious bruising mark around the side of the neck.
2. Any kind of strap, a rope or a belt a tied into doorknobs.
3. Bloodshot in the eye or stress in the eye.
4. Headache.