Fangs of The Arizona Immigration Law

Immigration Law was signed by Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona. It is viewed by the proponents  as the toughest measure against illegal immigrants. This new law set a lot of people in divisive point of view. Latino members of congress called to junk the state bill. Their  sentiments showed that the bill is discriminatory.

The new state law makes illegal immigration a crime, day laborer or soliciting work is illegal too. It also gives a right to the local police to demand proof of legal entry or question legality if they find you suspicious. With this in mind, it would likely lead to stereoptyping, racism or racial profiling.

The deep concerned arises here, I worry if the authorities will not abuse their power and detain anyone that they will suspect. Knowingly all  “aliens or immigrants” have experience discrimination at one time. Despite all this  Governor Brewer acknowledge issues concern, she  state that she will ensure that the law will be properly carried out.

The opponent believes that this law will help in national security by reducing crime rate. It will give more quality education, decrease tax burdens and it will minimize competition from illegal immigrants, which means there will be more  jobs for the native.

In my humble opinion, as long as the government proves that they will not use race or ethnicity as a ground for questioning, then be it. They should implement the law properly, without prejudice or racial profiling. We should also take into account that the government is just doing their task to wipe out illegal immigrants for the benefits of the citizens.

The citizens should be required to carry identity documents legitimizing your stay in America. This is to avoid hassle in case you are question just show them your green card, or driver’s license, passport or any other forms of citizenship.