Where To Draw The Line of Caregiving

It is a crucial situation if you are in the shoe of the 24-year-old health care provider who was harassed by a 42-year-old, disabled man. Last March 15, 2010. The patient invokes to be given a sexual gratification, which he sees as a part of his care giving at home. It is widely expected that some health care provider will do what their patient asked, although it violates their right. The fear of losing their job would be the key for them, to do things that is not supposed to be.  Good thing there is a nurse that urge to reject it. She is fired from her job, making her complaint in the union.

That move ignites a group of health care provider  or NU’91 to launched a nationwide campaign and stand for the rights of nurses.

It effectively unmasked the intention of people hiring nurses and /or  health care provider to provide home care.This situation must be handle by both the patient and health care provider accordingly. Providing or giving sexual favors or gratification is not a part of our standard care. I strongly criticized and opposed patient’s will to be provided with such things. I’m concerned with the damage it can cause the nurses and other health care providers.

The patient and nurses might have a split view over this issue. I personally don’t see any considerable reason to justify and provide patient with such care. It is our duty to give  quality care services, and it doesn’t conclude that  we fail to attend patient needs if we didn’t provide them with this. The patient has limited understanding of the work that we are doing. Thus making them ask for things that are not part of our obligations and duties.

Inadvertently a large-scale of Dutch patient are still asking their nurses sexual favors. Potentially their might still be nurses providing their patient with sexual gratification to stay in their job. Such practice can break the trust and commitment between health care provider and the patient. It can gives negative impact and perception in view of nursing and caregiving. We are not paid to work like prostitutes.

In whatever setting, a nurse needs to stand by what is right.Valuing our work more than pay scale is what we need to do. Professionalism and dedication to our work instead of money is our commitment.

Unfortunately, government has little aid for health care providers. It seems that something must be done towards providing a  safe workplace and law for the best interest of the health care providers and nurses. I do hope that nurses sentiments will materialize in the end.