Euthanasia is from the  Greek word meaning “good death“. It  refers to the practice of ending a life in a painless manner. People who undergone Euthanasia are commonly terminally ill patient. The family opt for Euthanasia if they see the patient is in vegetative stage or suffering unbearable pain. The patient have also the right to decide about the issues of life and death for themselves and request for it. There is a three basic type or classification of Euthanasia, voluntary,  involuntary and non-voluntary. Voluntary euthanasia shows that there is a request of the person to die. Assisted suicide is a form of voluntary Euthanasia. On the other hand Involuntary is conducted without the explicit consent of the individual concerned while the non-voluntary occurs when the person is unconscious, like if the baby is mentally ill, and cannot decide for himself, If  the person is in a coma or the person is too young (e.g a very young baby) the person is senile. It can also be applied if  the person is mentally retarded to a very severe extent.

There are forms of Euthanasia or Procedural Decision, the active euthanasia is when a person directly and deliberately causes the patient’s death. Death is being brought by an act example giving an overdose drug to the patient. While passive euthanasia is done not by directly taking the patient’s life, they just allow them to die by withdrawing life support through switching off machine that keeps the patient alive or by withholding treatment for the patient.

Euthanasia leads people to a variety of arguments. There is religious, moral, ethical, practical and even historical arguments. In religious views,  life is precious, it is given by God. God chooses the length of our lives and how we are going to die, so no one has a right to take anyone’s life. It is believe that if you kill yourself or let anyone do it you are simply denying God’s right over you. Religious people also view that suffering may have a special reason or purpose. while the pain is perceived to be a way of sharing the pain and suffering of Jesus Christ. While non-religious people believe that experiencing pain is the best time where a person can show how to handle or behave when things have gotten bad.

Social arguments views euthanasia as not the best option since it is not going to produce a best result. The problem could spring from incidents like what if the doctor’s prognosis and diagnosis is wrong? What if the patient just feel that sickness is causing burden in his family or other people? What if the patient know that they are lacking resources to spend? What if the patient feel depressed and see things worse than they are? Those where just few of the social arguments. Moreover,  social arguments viewed euthanasia as a way of mirroring disable or sick people as worthless individuals.

Practical arguments viewed euthanasia undermining health care providers commitment of saving lives, It also allows people in the medical field to give less care and attention to the patient concern. Euthanasia discourages search for medical breakthrough that can save patient lives and it can also give power to the doctors. wherein they will not ask permission anymore. Hence, they might abuse this through a lot of means.

Being a health care provider, My  medical standpoint regarding Euthanasia might be different than the rest. This things actually makes me pause and think. Legality of Euthanasia will actually make vulnerable people to ask for their death. Parallel to this, cost conscious doctors or practice-resource-conserving medicine will likely prescribe legal prescription to patients. It can also be a best option for murderers to have conspiracy. They will seek medical cooperation to achieve their hidden motives. Sadly they can also used this to maneuver law to justify or cover up the crimes so that  they can easily get away with it. It is then now legitimate to ask, Why we need to practice or legalize such horrendous act?

Is it right to let the patient endure suffering, and if you think it is not right, then in what circumstances that it is not right? Is there any moral difference between killing someone and letting them die?which of the two is “better.” This is a difficult question to answer, We need to first meet the eye. For me, death is not the best option, The best course of action would be,  to find the best treatment and give our 100% commitment in serving the patient. We are not violating their freedom to choose and their human rights. We are just simply doing our jobs.