Evolution..Are Man from Apes? Part 1

Evolutionist believe that all species have common ancestry. They states that man do not come from ape but from “apelike ancestor“. Evolutionist gives us a mountain of evidence which claims that we really came from an apelike creature. I would like to raise an objection pertaining their ideas, they have totally unsupported evidence, and we should demand an explanation of all their claim concerns, For instance  evolutionist can not explain like how life could spontaneously generate from a non-life. There are also a lot of embarrassing evidences that shows that we didn’t come from an apelike creatures. In 1912 an English lawyer and amateur paleontologist, Charles Dawson collected the fragments of the Piltdown man or Eanthropus dawsoni (dawn man) in a gravel pit near Piltdown, England. It was calculated to be 500,000 thousand years old. In 1953 the specimen loses it validity and turns out to be a hoax. They discovered that the skull was deliberately combined with human and orangutan and it is just 500 years old. Nebraska man or (Hesperopithecus haroldcookii) later on they found out that it is nothing more than the tooth of an extinct pig (peccary). Ramapithecus which is significant because it is judged to be as an early hominid, but the case for Ramapithecus as a hominid is not substantial, and the fragments of fossil material leave many questions open. According to Harvard University paleontologist David Pilbeam “A group of creatures once thought to be our oldest ancestors may have just been firmly bumped out of the human family tree”.

In addition,  investigators and professionals who study about Australopithecines, believe that they didn’t walk upright and weren’t bipedal. Most evolutionists now consider both Australopithecus africanus and robustus to be a blind alley. Even Australopithecus Afarensis, homo habilis, Homo Erectus, Neaderthal man were subjected to questioning and  rebuttal.

It is true that scientist are discovering hoaxes from their own side, and they are doing constantly refining their search for truth. Therefore not all science findings are guaranteed true, We should think and analyze before believing.

Furthermore, the dating of the fossil is another reason why creationist do not believe in the Evolution. Creationist felt that science is feeding them a wrong information because they weren’t able to mold their own theories to derived with a concrete evidence. they just want us to accept things with no valid evidence. We need to know the details of how an apelike creatures is becoming a man. They need to show a transition species that is becoming of a man. It is true that we have similarities morphologically and anatomically with the apes, but it doesn’t mean we came from apes. because there is a clear missing link that they can not prove.

I firmly believe that we are designed by God in his own image and likeness and I never would consider myself as a beast. Until evolutionist can not show any strong evidence, apes still remain as apes.