Handling a Break Up

Breaking up is the toughest period in ones life. The pain that you are going through is unbearable. Sometimes this emotional upheaval can even affect you physically. You isolate yourself and cry the whole time and you have the tendency not to eat or sleep at all. Pain can also be intensified by the person’s memory. Thus, Getting over the person is really hard especially if your life revolves around him and you depended on him too much. But they say time heals all wounds. You can’t dwell on it forever, you have to move on.

There are things that you can do to make it easier for both of you to handle separation. Firstly never leave or get out of the relationship with unresolved issues. Try to talk it over so you can both make a closure. when talking about it, be sure that you won’t reach to the point of disrespecting each other or even blaming. In this situation you can also weigh if you really have to let it go or it deserves a second chance.

Breaking up should be amicably settle by both of you. You should be acting as an adults. Physical or verbal abuse is a big no here.

Next separate on good terms. Being friends doesn’t mean you want each other back, but for all time sake being a friend will help you move on. I know it will definitely be hard on the first few months but sooner or later you will realize that pain is gradually decreasing.

Keep communication open but give yourself time to heal. Don’t give yourself false hope that you can get back again. Sometimes one might feel the need for the other, don’t allow yourself to be toyed. Although we need to consider the fact that some separation are temporary and some can be permanent. If the person is willing to have a second chance, analyze and evaluate what happened before deciding what to do. Never say yes right away though you really want him/her back.

Avoid taking revenge. It will just worsen the situation. Think that there is life after the break up and things happened for a reason. Maybe you are not meant to be. Try to wish the person well and be happy that you have been  a part of his/her life.

If the person dumped you don’t make a fool of yourself trying to get back. Although you feel empty without him/her.  Avoid making the first move to get in touch with the person. The person wants out, so you must set the person free.