Prom One Night of Socializing

Promenade or prom is a yearly event. It is believed to be a coming out of age. It is typically held at the end of junior and/or senior year as a student completion of their High school. Promenade is known to Canada , Australia and Ireland as Grad or formal while in Ireland it is known as Debs from the word Debutante.

Save the fact that preparation for this event is uptight and costly. from finding the perfect outfit that will suit you, to getting a photographer that will capture your experience, formal transportation and most importantly finding a date.

We are aware that prom correlates with sex, drugs and alcohol and this school event can be very disturbing. Smoking weeds, inappropriate physical contact with their date such as making out is evident. However school deny and prohibits it.

The most controversial is the after party wherein students spend their night with their date if their school automatically rent the hotel. It is also  believe that students who are still a virgin loses their virginity here. Binge drinking and sex is widely present. I’m sure they want to have a hell of good time, but they went overboard. Their values are mashed beyond belief.

Attending an event like this is useless. Even if you say that you are responsible and you chose a friend to be your date, so there will be no romantic bondage between the two of you. Still no one can be sure what you are doing, when they are not even there to witness it? You can say nothing happened although there is. It is impossible that you will refused to participate in all the negative aspect of prom while everyone is doing such.

Although my school is totally different from that, because my school is run by nuns and the school prom is supervised by school authorities itself. My parents tried to persuade me to attend as they lay the pros and cons of it and let me decide for myself.

The drawback make me decide not to go. I see it as a waste of my time. Secondly I don’t wanna wear a slutty dress and worry if I look my best for someone. I never want to find a date or accept any offer to have one. I also considered dancing as pretty lame for me. Another thing is the sluttish girls in our class attended the prom.

I always have my conservative ideals with me. I don’t want to be associated with the word prom because of its negative aspects. I think I have done the smartest decision and I never regret it. So If you are thinking if you are going in a prom I suggest that you think not twice not even thrice before you decide. If you decide to attend and have a fun-filled memories don’t compromise your morals.