Tomboyish… Is it right?

I want to shed some light and open this to everyone. You might have family member who is  acting boyish. And your thinking what is the reason, why they are acting that way? What is really tomboyish? Let us see how insane things have gotten into their minds.

It is known to many, that homosexuality is a choice and not from genes, So is tomboyish.Tomboy is manifested in the way they dress, act, speak  and their activities but apparently they’ll grow up and become heterosexual. Although some might lead and become a lesbian.

The mere reason why your child are acting tomboyish opens to the idea that they have their brother or father image all the time or they could be mingling with too many boys, which will have enormous impact in their life. But what if  they have a mother figure or a sister close to them? The set of scale will tell you that your child is just acting to be outlandish and to get attention from male friends or people around her or perhaps she is suffering from GID or Gender Identity Disorder. You have to pinpoint the cause of your child’s behavior. If it roots from GID better take your child to see a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Tomboyish action is just a way to fit in masculine world, so that they can interact more with male friends. Crucial bond between a teenager male and female can lead to sexual things, because the male teenager will make them feel special knowing they are feminine by nature. Similarly, the girl will feel that she can generally express her emotions and opinions with this guy. thus,  making the guy more challenge to prove that she is a girl, having develop deep inner feeling towards the guy, your child might give in. Making your child rebellious, leaving home with or without your consent at an early age and meeting up with the guy that she felt had change her in some ways. You never know that your child might be engaging in unfettered sexual activities.

Another things is, your daughter might experience an overall rejection. It will be hard to developed female peers, Thus making your child isolated and withdrawn to females and making them closer to male gender only. She will also tend to look down on women in general.

I find women who displays men traits unpleasing and disgusting. isn’t it ridiculous? Acting like men and having the feeling of a female? The values of this teens are really dimming. Unquestionably parents should instill ladylike virtue to their children before it is too late. Girls should have a positive self-image, If you are a girl better act accordingly. This teens should fight their own demon and act the way they are made.