Voice of Life: A View on Abortion

Sexual content is being marketed to pre teens and teens today. They can gain seemingly unlimited access from TV, movies, music and internet, through all this, teens will have twisted views regarding sex. Making teens at risk  not only from unwanted pregnancy but also from diseases such as HIV/AIDS and STD‘s.  I strongly believe that parents should act as educators. They should impart factual knowledge regarding this matter. Parents should aware their children not to engage in sexual activities and tell them the consequences they will face after they have done it. Parents  should be able to discipline their children to value self-preservation and assert to their children that they should abstain from having sex until marriage. Moreover, adult should be responsible enough if they really wanna engaged in sexual activities, They should learn the facts of reproduction, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases. Availability of contraceptives are just around the corner. If you don’t intend to have children yet, make sure that accidental pregnancy will not occur to avoid abortion.

You might say, What is this inexperience girl saying? Well again, I want to voice out my opinion regarding this matter. I strongly value morality and life. Having sex is not like smiling to anyone you will meet across the street. Having sex must be accompanied with responsibility. I believe that sex is sacred and should be done after marriage. You should give yourself only to the person you love, and who is going to be your life-long partner. Having said so, many women especially teens are very  impulsive nowadays and  due to their curiosity and being in the experimental stage they would go behind that and later regret the consequence of  their actions. Sad proof is that, it results to unwanted pregnancy. Abortion will be their choice after they did it, although teens might feel apprehensive with this, but with their fears of motherhood,  parent and peer pressures, It will leave them no option.

But what really causes a teenage pregnancy? teens lacking of knowledge or access of how to prevent teen pregnancy is one the reason. other than that, studies shows that 10-11 percent of teenage pregnancy are result of rape,  others are due to feeling of pressure to have sex, hooking up , casual sex or engaging in anonymous sex, dating violence, media influence like I stated earlier, and in some cases it also show that teen relationship with older boys is another factor, but in my opinion which is in contrast with this findings. I see that men who are older than the women won’t likely to result in teen pregnancy. Because the guy is more matured and can handle things than of the same age group, who also doesn’t know what to do. Sex with minor is considered as statutory rape.

Recently data shows increase rate in birth abortion among teens ages 15-19. This figure was obtained from,  Guttmacher Institute, a non-profit group that studies reproductive and sexual health, Abortion rises due to alarming pregnancy rate among teens. Abortion means expulsion or removal of a fetus in a uterus. There are several procedure in doing this, Teens  might choose to have medical abortion or surgical methods. Medical abortion is done by giving abortifacient. the most common medication are mifepristone or methotrexate either alone or in combination with prostaglandin to induce voluntary miscarriage. While surgical uses manual syringe, electric vacuum aspiration (EVA).During the surgical procedure the patient is given painkillers yet she remains awake. Abortion has a lot of risk that it entails some examples are heavy bleeding, infection, incomplete abortion, sepsis, cervical lacerations, cervical cancer, pelvic inflammatory diseases, endotoxic shock, scarring of the uterine lining, perforation of the uterus, damage to internal organs , Increasing the risk of future ectopic pregnancies, or even death.

I don’t wanna be argumentative here, we all hold different beliefs regarding this matter.  I personally believe that having a baby is a gift from God. Imagining taking away those babies life is so cruel. They have a life,  and you don’t have a right to take that away from them, But like I said I don’t want to judge anyone because some teens especially those who are a victim of abuse and didn’t choose to engaged in such acts would rather chose abortion than keeping the baby, because it will remind her of the incident. However,  to those who did it willingly I might say that, they should face the consequences of their actions and they should explore other options, like to continue their  pregnancy and learn to become a parent or place their babies for adoption after giving birth. The decision is up to you.

Again, I want to point out that this things won’t happened if  parent will convey a holistic sex education at home, Initiating conversation like this with your children will prevent them from doing acts like this. It will also equip your children to distinguished right from wrong. Parents are in the best position to know the developmental level of their children, they know what is appropriate information they will teach them. Parents involvement is needed in their child’s life to help them develop as a responsible moral citizen.