Reply To My Atheist Friend

I found it painful, why do we have to argue with this matter, I said I’m just sharing my ideas here. I don’t wanna be label defensive on my views, but it is my personal views and I think I have the right to be respected like I respected yours.You have to see it in both viewpoints, The Religious people and Atheist. It isn’t fair if you will just look in your own perspective. I have my own personal God, but I don’t have to attack other faiths to prove my stance. I don’t wanna draw crucial line between faith and friendship. I believe all people can be friends regardless of faith.

I will try to straightened up things that makes you see me wrongly. Being an Atheist means you are following Richard Dawkins teachings, You believe to something that hasn’t been proven yet. Everything started from evolution, but why can’t they even prove where Matter came from? It is baseless to believe in something that it hasn’t been proven yet. We are not talking about the credentials of Dawkins, We are talking about the holes of Atheism that Dawkins wants people to believe. If he is a man of  Science He has to work his guts to fill all the gaps. Because everything remains baseless until it has been proven. Evolution is a scientific theory. In science theories aren’t proven. Evolution is based on unclear initial conditions. It can not be proven cause we can never start from scratch. Unless evolve a new race that has human intellects, which is not possible. So, If seeing is believing I have no means or you to believe in Atheism. I see things that Dawkins is trying to lure people to get into his bait. The biggest most tempting lies is offered by Atheism.
I didn’t claim that Dawkins book was a cause of arguments. Evidence points towards there. Dawkins book become an arguments and a lot of his supporters and followers were disappointed and couldn’t accept that.
It is pretty obvious that Lynn’s studies show discrepancies.The I. Q. tests are usually formulated by the elites who don’t believe in God. therefore, They have their own I.Q. questions designed to tap in to the knowledge of the liberal, which makes it one-sided.
Here are some proofs that we can not trust that findings. Alistair McFadyen, senior lecturer in Christian theology at the University of Leeds, said that Professor Lynn’s arguments appeared to have “a slight tinge of intellectual elitism and Western cultural imperialism as well as an anti-religious sentiment”. While, David Hardman, principal lecturer in learning development at London Metropolitan University, said: “It is very difficult to conduct true experiments that would explicate a causal relationship between IQ and religious belief. and Andy Wells, senior lecturer in psychology at the London School of Economics, said the existence of a correlation between IQ and religiosity did not mean there was a causal relationship between the two.
About Hitler and Stalin, they didn’t kill in the name of God. They weren’t Catholic during those times. They turn away from Catholicism. Until now Atheist are still killing, suppressing religion in the name of Atheism in some countries.
Speaking about DNA. You may know that computer is programmed like this 110010101011000  while the human cell is like this CGTGTGACTCGCTCCTGAT and our cells is a three-billion-lettered program telling the cell to act in a certain way, who could have design this highly structured thing. Atheist? Nature? Evolution? ah your guess is good a mine, Evolution. The funny note is Evolution clearly didn’t know the answer.
I didn’t claim that we get morality from God although it helps people in a way. Why do we need to remove that thought from those believers when it can lead them to betterment? God help them along the way.We can’t bridge the gap between religious people and Atheist or the non-religious if we are going to argue about this crap.There is no hope for constructive thing here.
You can never say they are doing it for the love of humanity, Because if they love humanity, Do they have to discredit other religion, that can lead to arguments? Do they have to suppress others faith? Do they have to make biased researched? How can an atheist say that they love someone when u don’t understand that someone? Does it mean they only love their equal? Those who belong in the same faith as them. Religious people are not like that, They embrace people with open arms and accept them for what they are.

You said that we shouldn’t worry about the afterlife. why not? We are all going there. If people will not worry about that, then they will just live their life here not fearing anything. You are just giving authority to people to draw greater fervor to make mistakes , because they believe that it is better to enjoy life here since nothing awaits in the afterlife. Did it ever crossed your mind. We have laws here  and moral books but there are still people who aren’t law-abiding and still not morals?which leaves me hanging. What will happened if we remove all this things? Unsurprisingly, the world will be in chaos.

I agree that we only have one life and we want the best for the next generation to come. We want to make them a self-sufficient adults. We could cope with such worries if  we teach next generation to be selfless and love other people without condition, No matter what color, race, status in the society or religion. The uncertainty lies in our hands.