The Catholic Church Pedophilia Scandal Continues To Grow.

Pope John Paul Declared in 2003 “There is no place in the priesthood and religious life for those who would harm the young” I started with that quote that Pope John Paul used because a huge number of priest are ruining the image of the church, and even the name of God for their involvement in sexual misconduct.

Recently New York Times circulated a story about a scandal involving the church. I believe this is not new to the faithful believers, This issue has long been the problem of the church. Cover-ups happened since then. Revelation wasn’t that shocking at all. Lawrence C. Murphy, a Wisconsin priest who molested nearly 200 deaf boys between 1950-1974, was the story that New York Times highlighted. It is said that the proceeding of his case was stopped after Murphy wrote a letter to Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Now Pope Benedict XVI, who was a Prefect of the congregation for the doctrine of faith that time. He protested that he repented, and that he is old and ailing and the case statute of limitations had run out. He said  “I simply want to live out the time that I have left in the dignity of my priesthood,” he also added that “I ask your kind assistance in this matter.” No response was seen on the part of Cardinal Ratzinger.

I’m not betraying my faith here. I’m just raising a voice of moral conscience. I’m an advocate of truth and I’m raising awareness for the rights of the child. I believe one way to respect them is not to put their lives in danger. The Catholic stands for this remain vague. Although, We can never generalize because, some priest are really trying their best to live up with our expectations. I hope they can find a better way to solve this issue so that atheist and non-religious people will not used this as a ground to see this as a weakness of the church.

People are thinking that there are cover-ups going on since their cases are held in secrecy and their crime punishment was so light. Reassigning them to another place is useless. The offenders tendency to repeat the same thing is possible, because you just move them to another place to have contact with a new prey. They will never repent nor realize the gravity of what they have done.

If you want to become a priest and you think you can’t be celibate for the rest of your life, better drop that thought. Being a priest doesn’t give you a license to sexually abuse an innocent children. A priest needs love and devotion to God. He needs to serve because of his calling. Priest that have deep-seated homosexual tendencies must not be ordained. They must also undergo a psychological background test so that those who are not worthy will be weed out.

To the victims, You should come forward and report what happened to you. Don’t feel ashamed or afraid. This way you can encourage other victims to step out in the open to pursue legal recourse.

To the parents of the victims, You need to have an open communication at home, this way your child will not be afraid to tell you what happened to them. You should  aware your kids that their body is sacred and shouldn’t be touch by anyone. You can adjust this thought as they are growing up. this is just one way to prevent them from being rape.

I know this is the crucial part for the church to admit it, but they really have to do it so, that it will be resolve. Winning back the trust of people means acting decisively. For now, I will withhold my judgment and see where it leads. I just hope that good will emerge at the end. Let us remember that victims here needs justice. Worse still, the trauma in this children can last a lifetime.  I believe this  wolves in sheep’s clothing must be put behind bars.