Misconception of Atheist

I often get criticism and correction by my atheist friends because of my religion. I’m sure everyone who have an atheist friend had experience the same thing as I do. I would say Catholicism is the backbone of my faith , but I’m not one of those who kneel for hours to pray, or say repetitive prayers everyday. I believe that talking to him like a friend is better than doing the said things.

Everyone of us hold different beliefs and we have to respect that. We don’t need to argue who is right and wrong or forcibly ask people to follow our faith or beliefs. We can not be judgmental to anyone who belong to any religion. Recently, my atheist friend share me a link, and its content pissed me off . It states that religious people have lower IQ’s than those of the atheist but the writer couldn’t support his claim. No matter how infuriated you are to religious people, it doesn’t give you a right to belittle other faith or conclude things without basis. If you write something, You should be able to stand and be held responsible for its content

Crusading atheist like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens brought a lot of arguments, If they want peace,why will they need to discredit God? This is the issue I want to speak about. Dawkins wrote books likes The Root of All Evil? and God Delusion, which shows blatant lie and unfairness, Even his supporters can’t believe what he wrote and were very disappointed for what he did.

In the book of God Delusion which I will discuss further in my next post, Richard Dawkins compare God to a tooth fairy and Santa Clause or other imaginary friend that we should outgrow with. But he never realize that we stop believing in those imaginary friend when we grow up. We all know that imaginary friends is not real. It is just rational to believe that there is the existence of God rather than the non-existence of God.

Moreover, Hitchens and Dawkins said that religions do tremendous harm to society in three ways i.e religions sometimes use war, violence, and terrorism to promote their religious goals, religious leaders contribute to secular wars and terrorism by endorsing or supporting the violence, religious fervor is exploited by secular leaders to support war and terrorism. In God Delusion Dawkins even compiled list of bad religious people and absolve atheist from all the atrocities they brought about. Atheist committed crime too in the name of atheism. The likes of Stalin and Hitler and a lot more, and even until now some countries are still suppressing religious people.

I’m into science, but I embrace Catholic faith. We have free will and we don’t discredit science. Although, there are things that science can’t explain until now. For instance ,where does matter came from. Richard Dawkins admitted in his debate with David  Quinn that science is still working on it. Here is the exact words he used “The origin of matter… the origin of the whole universe, is a very, very difficult question. It’s one that scientists are working on”.

Richard Dawkins also said “Religious readers who will open it, will be atheist when they put it down”, He is referring to the book God Delusion. But he follow it up admitting that such a result is unlikely to happen ” Dyed-in -the wool faith heads are immune to arguments”  (dyed-in-the-wool faith here means those people who believe in God) So, If he knows it exactly why does he need to maliciously attack the bible and religious people? I can’t see the common sense in it?

Science have flaws too. The things that they can’t explain will never be explain, and that is the mystery being brought by God in our lives. He may not be the Catholic God we know or  Jewish God or Muslim God but there is The existence of God. We shouldn’t say that The Bible is full of fuck-upness because it leads a lot of people to betterment. I know our views greatly varies in this issue but I want to speak my mind. Apparently many atheist look down to religious people. I firmly believe it is wrong, We are all equal no matter what faith or beliefs you have. Isn’t nice if we live in a peaceful world where love and understanding exist?