Save The Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the earth’s most intelligent animals, They are seemingly social creatures, and they naturally possess the most sophisticated sonar, which enable the navy to train them to detect mines and potentially dangerous objects in the ocean floors. Furthermore, they are also known to rescue humans, help shark attack victims and even help the local fishermen by driving fishes into their nets.

Apparently dramatic reduction of this creatures is rapidly increasing, that makes it more and more evident. The dolphins are near the brink of extinction. Because of the ongoing hunting for meat consumption, captivity, or scientific research. We need to take this very seriously and act on this matter.

It appears to me that this gruesome business is growing. Even though scientist declares that consumption of dolphin meat can lead to memory loss, depression, hair loss, irreversible brain damage and severe birth defect, due to its toxic level of mercury. Still, they are continuing the hunt for this animal for food, oil, fertilizer and other purposes. Dolphin slaughter for meat is common in Japan which is the largest consumer. In Chile, dolphins are hunted to provide bait for crab pots. Similarly, Turkey used this animals to  produce oil and chicken feed. while In the Faroe Islands,  a practiced of killing this mammals brutally for competition has been practiced for centuries.

There is a documentary that I would want you to see. A National Geographic production entitled “The Cove” unveils the secret that lies in Taiji, Japan. The unceasing efforts of the cast and crew highlighted the massive ecological massacre that is taking place there. The cove won the U.S. Audience Award at the 25th annual Sundance Film Festival in January 2009 and won them another award in the Academy Award for Best Documentary Film at the 82nd Academy Awards 2010.

In my personal view, It is totally senseless, cruel, irrational and  inhuman to kill this creatures in the name of science or for any purposes. We should not remove this animal from their own habitat or held them in captivity. Moreover, If we really want to save this animals we should act and protect them now. The benefits we are getting from this animal are enormous, and we shouldn’t be ingrate to put this amazing animals life in danger.