Food for “THOUGHT”

Products success depends upon the consumer. The better they provide the consumer with a satisfying product that has substantial value, The more people will patronize it. Being a consumer it is always nice to tryout and experiment different products but the most important is we get the products that meet our standards and demands.

When we go to the grocery store we often see nearly half of the population becoming health conscious,  and they are going on every details of the label of the food products, before putting it into their shopping cart. It is normal that we are concern with the food we are buying, because we want to get the nutrients written in the package.

But I get the best thought that although you put a lot of effort turning around the product and reading the nutrition fact,  It has no used for there are a lot of  misleading labels that exaggerate the benefits that you can get from it. for instance,  there are several products that boast that they are trans fat although they contain high levels of saturated fats. Needless to say the efforts of the health conscious people were gone into waste.

Recently the F.D.A release 17 warning letters to manufacturers with misleading labels on food package. The letters went out to the makers of a broad array of products, including Gerber baby food, Juicy Juice, Dreyer’s ice cream, POM pomegranate juice and Gorton’s fish fillets. We must take our hats off to the commitment of  Bruce A. Silverglade, director of legal affairs of the Center for Science in the Public Interest who took the initial step for stricter rules and  F.D.A commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg who made priority to improve the information on food packages.

In conclusion, checking the quantity, quality or calorific value in the labels of  food products is our defense to fight fraud, yet we can’t guarantee that we get the the right nutrition by just reading. The best thing is that the government helps in eradicating products that is carrying misleading claims.