Why race for size O?

Let us take a quick glance to this issue because this is not something to be taken lightly. Influence of media such as Tinseltown and fashion industry created a great impact and sensationalize this making “size 0” predominantly a trend in Hollywood,  and it becomes a standard for beauty. Hollywood A-list stars had taken the wrong turn to achieve enviable look. They did it without even thinking that a lot of young girls look up to them and might be influence to follow their footstep. Many young girls didn’t ponder anymore and indulge themselves in becoming skin and bone like their favorite celebrities.

Let us define what is size 0 in order for us to understand why do they have to put pressure on themselves to have this size. According to Wikipedia this is often used to refer to extremely thin individuals (especially women), or trends associated with them.This is a clothing size in USA that a women with a 30-22-32 and 33-25-35 inches figure can fit in.Nowadays the decrease of weight of women created another size which is 00.

This celebs did everything to shed pounds and kill their appetite just to fit to” size “0 or 00” and be accepted.One of the most disturbing practices is the misuse of the drug i.e Adderall and Clenbutol these drugs is “latest diet drug” in Hollywood which is a prohibited drug unless taken with prescription.Other absurd practices include misuse of laxative in the form of “dieters tea” with master cleanser. Master cleanser also known as lemonade diet is a mixture of maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper.This celebs take this with no food while other celebs wont stop their unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and drinking too much alcohol and coffee to keep them from getting hungry.

One interesting side note in this issue is that other people don’t have to make a lot of effort in achieving this kind of figure to be a part of this hottest statement. Some women are naturally thin or suffering from eating disorder like Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia which needs to be treated.

I had my fair share too. I’m not raving that I have good genes. It just that It is really hard for me to add few pounds.

I personally suggest to all readers that you don’t have to follow any stringent diet plan or do compulsive exercise. Normal size women shouldn’t go extreme to be trendy, and for those women who gain a lot of pounds all you have to do is to have a balance diet and regular exercise. Moreover, for those who are born skinny like me don’t mind people who are accusingly starring at you. Be yourself and improve your weight.